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Q. Do you provide mailing lists?

Yes. We provide a national residential mailing list obtained from a list partner, which has over 100 million addresses. We provide several tools for selecting addresses for mailing.

Q. Is there a charge to use your mailing list?

No. It's free!

Q. How often is your national mailing list updated?

We receive a complete update of our national list from our partner every six weeks.

Q. Can I use my own list?

Yes. If you have your own mailing list, you can upload it to our website with the PersonaLISTSM option and maintain it online for free. 

The PersonaLIST option allows you to upload a spreadsheet of names and addresses stored on your computer for mailing. Your spreadsheet must be in one of these accepted formats: .XLS, .DBF, or .CSV. If you currently have your list in another format, you’ll need to convert it before uploading.

Before uploading your file, please ensure it meets the following conditions:

- Each contact contains the necessary elements for mailing (name, street, city, state, and zip code).

- We require that your spreadsheet contain at least three columns: Name / Address / City, State, Zip. You can have them broken further into more columns, if you’d like, but that is the minimum format.

- Addresses must be located within the United States.

- For best results, please keep your list under 5,000 entries.

Q. How do I remove someone from my mailing list?

The "Do Not Mail List" feature lets you block certain addresses from your mailings. Just enter the address or addresses you wish to block, and they'll be automatically excluded from your future mailings. This feature only applies to mailings that utilize QuantumDigital's national mailing list. It will not remove names from your own PersonaLIST(s).

Q. Can I receive a list of the residents that received my mailing?

Yes. You can request a follow-up report online when you place your original order. Prices are $5 for the first 100 resident names and 2¢ for each resident over 100. The follow-up report will contain the names, addresses and phone numbers (when available) for each recipient of your mailing.

Q: Does QuantumDigital and its list partners scrub the telephone numbers on my follow-up report against the National Do Not Call Registry?

Yes. This process is completed every 90 days as required by the Do Not Call guidelines. However, before purchasing a follow-up report and making calls, you are strongly encouraged to register with the Do Not Call Registry for the purpose of personally verifying list compliance. Click here for more information and how to register.
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