Customizing a Mail Piece


Q. Can I use my photo and company logo on my mailings?

Yes. Our templates allow you to upload graphics such as digital photos and logos into the design. Files should meet the following specifications:

  • High quality JPEG format
  • RGB color mode
  • At least 300dpi resolution
  • If using a digital camera, select the highest quality setting

Do not scan photos from business cards, magazines, newspapers, color laser prints or inkjet prints. They usually contain dot patterns that conflict with our printing system. Please scan from the original photo whenever possible.

Q. How do I customize my design with my own artwork?

Simply select one of our professionally designed templates, add your text into the available fields(s) and upload desired images. You can also create your own complete design and upload to a blank template.

See our direct mail file specifications for more information.

Q. Can I personalize direct mail postcards with the names of people to which I'm mailing?

Yes. Our Personal Impact postcard designs automatically add the names of individual recipients on each card in your mailing. Our system will use names included on mailing lists selected for your order. Your personal lists or QuantumDigital's database of mailing addresses may be used for this type of order. To see designs that allow this type of personalization, just look for the Personal Impact category within the Direct Mail section of your account.

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