Getting Set Up with TriggerMarketing


Q. Who has access to TriggerMarketing? 

If your company has elected to integrate their listing database with our marketing solution, you may already have access to the TriggerMarketing program. Simply look for emails each time you add a new property to your listing database and when a property sells. Then click on a link within those emails or visit your account dashboard to instantly launch marketing.

Still not sure? Ask your office manager or team lead if your brokerage participates in TriggerMarketing.  

If your company syndicates listings to ListHub and allows communication from third-party vendors like QuantumDigital, simply sign up for a real estate marketing account for automatic enrollment into the TriggerMarketing program. 

Q. How do I know if my company uses ListHub or if my listings are syndicated through ListHub?

ListHub is a national online network that syndicates real estate listings to more than 330 websites. Currently over 40 national brokerages use the ListHub service.

To find out if you are part of this network, simply visit and enter the city, state and Zip Code and/or MLS number of one of your listings. If you see one of your listings appear in the search results, congratulations, you are part of the ListHub program. You will be able to participate in the TriggerMarketing program as long as your broker allows communication from third-party vendors like us. In that case, you should automatically get emails from us every time you list a property. If you do not see any of your listings, then have your broker contact ListHub and register for their free syndication service. 

Note: Only brokers can authorize the registration of listings through a free brokerage subscription and allow communication from third-party vendors. 

Q. Can I change default order quantities and/or reorder?

You may adjust default order quantities for future campaigns, launch new campaigns, and re-order active campaigns from the TriggerMarketing dashboard. Simply log into your marketing account, expand the ‘Mail Services’ option located in the menu on the left of the page, and navigate to the TriggerMarketing dashboard.

Select the ‘Listing Selection’ tab to review, modify, and place new orders for active listings.

Select the ‘Settings’ tab to adjust the default order quantity for future campaigns.

Q. What can be changed on my TriggerMarketing postcard?

TriggerMarketing pre-populates postcard and flyer designs with photos and information pulled from your property database. If you wish, you may select or upload alternate images for your design using the ‘Modify Design’ option available via the TriggerMarketing dashboard.

Q. Why don't my postcards include QR codes or SMS texting as a response option?

Many company branded TriggerMarketing postcards are designed to adhere to the marketing and brand standards set forth by the sponsoring broker/company. Therefore, TriggerMarketing features may vary for agents participating in broker-sponsored programs.

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