Uploading Files: Accepted File Types


Q. What file formats are recommended for On-demand Printing services?

We prefer a high-resolution PDF with embedded fonts or all text converted to outlines. 

Source files may also be submitted. We accept files created with Adobe® applications Photoshop®, Illustrator®, or InDesign®, or with Microsoft® applications Word, Publisher, PowerPoint®, or Excel®. Source files must be packaged for printing and include all graphics, links, and fonts. When submitting source files, we recommend selecting the option for a Professional Review ($10 fee) along with a copy of your printed file faxed to 512-837-2777.

 Q. What is the largest file I can upload for on-demand printing?

Most files 200 MB or less will upload smoothly through our process using a high speed internet connection. If your file is larger than 200 MB or you are experiencing difficulties, you may contact us at 800-637-7373 for a special upload process.

Please note:  This may require special handling and additional fees may apply.

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